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The Optical Shop at Riverdale Eye Associates
Twenty years ago the doctors of Riverdale Eye Associates created “The Optical Shop”. It is an integral part of achieving our goal of total eye care, and enhances our practice of ophthalmology. We encourage all of our patients to order their glasses in The Optical Shop for these reasons:

Continuity of Care

Your doctor has had a discussion about how you use your eyes, and has generated an eyeglass prescription with this in mind. Our refractive services are very individualized. It is natural, then, to continue this personalized care with our optometrists and opticians in The Optical Shop. They are trained to carry through the recommendations of the doctors. You will be impressed with their knowledge and expertise.

Education of Our Patients

No one in our
Optical Shop is a salesperson. All of our staff are eye care professionals and strive to educate and walk our patients through lens and frame choices.

The Latest in Technology

As medical professionals, we are always learning, reading, attending courses, and updating our knowledge. So, it is second nature to do the same in our
Optical Shop. We work with our premier laboratory to make available the newest digital lenses, thin and lightweight lenses and the latest in sun and sports protection.

Quality Control

We guarantee that our glasses are made accurately to the prescription. Studies done at optical chain stores show a surprising percentage of prescriptions are made inaccurately.

From Budget to Designer Frames

Our frame buyer of 15 years in an optometrist who has a passion for eyewear herself. She personally chooses each frame style and color from many labels to give our patients an incredible choice. She never “reorders”; she is always hunting for the best quality and prices. Our
Optical Shop has stylish frames that start at $75, with complete pairs (frames and lenses) for as low as $99. We also carry designer frames seen in the latest magazines.


Optical Shop has convenient hours, and no appointment is necessary to purchase, pick up or have glasses adjusted or repaired. We welcome our patients and outside customers who have their own prescriptions. The optical is open

Monday 9:30-6, Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 9:30-7 and Friday 9-4.

Vision Plans

The Optical Shop at Riverdale Eye Associates participates with two vision plans
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