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Many of the common and most serious ophthalmologic problems are retinal in nature. These include age-related macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal venous occlusive disease, macular edema and uveitis. These conditions are best taken care of by a retinal specialist.

At Riverdale Eye Associates, our experienced retinal specialist, Daniel Chechik, M.D., provides treatment for these conditions. Laser treatment is available, in-office, using our new and precise Nidek unit.  Intravitreal injections, procedures during which medication is injected into the eye, are also done in-house. These injections including Lucentis, Avastin, Eylea, Jetrea, and Triesence have revolutionized the treatment of wet macular degeneration, retinal occlusive disease, vitreoretinal traction and macular edema, which were untreatable only a few years ago. Injections must be repeated frequently, and Dr. Chechik’s tremendous experience helps to make them quick, quite safe and comfortable.

Robert Wolfson has been our retinal photographer for 25 years and performs digital fluorescein angiograms in our office. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) with the latest Cirrus 5000 unit is done at the time of the patients’ examinations, and Dr. Chechik reads the results immediately, thus ensuring a timely treatment plan.
By having a retinal specialist, in addition to other ophthalmic subspecialists under one roof, we, at Riverdale Eye Associates, aim to provide our patients with complete eye care.
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